New cargo bike service

To help local buisnesses distribute their goods in an ecological way we have added started a new cargo bike service in Barcelona this year. Cargo bikes offer a ecological way of transporting goods and belongins around Barcelona. The possibilities are limitless. From delivering groceries to does unable to leave their house to helping people move between appartments.


To give you some ideas here are some of the professional services that we offer.


Are you a local producer and looking for a ecological way to distribute your products to shops and clients around Barcelona. Let us help you.

Home deliveries

Are you a local supermarket or shop looking to add home deliveries to your services. Contact us and see how we can set up ecological distibution for your buisness.


Our cargo bikes literly catch the eye as they distrubute goods. This makes them a great platform to promote your brand in Barcelona. The cargo box has a combined surface area of 5 square meter.

We are looking for local partners

Do the above examples speak to you? then please contact us and let us know how we can help you add an ecological delivery service to your buisness.