Rickshaw in front of green wall in Barcelona
The one and only Pura VIda Rickshaw

Our rickshaws and level of service sets us apart from our competition. They are part of what makes our company unique. We are the only company in Barcelona, maybe even in the world, that operate with this model of rickshaw. Customers have told us that they booked a tour with us after seeing a photo of our rickshaws online. What makes them different from other rickshaws? Their bright orange color which makes them stand out maybe. That their equipped with high end components, could be. The timeless design of its comfortable passenger cabin? You tell us.

We have a fleet of six Rickshaws. they were manufactured by Radkutsche in Germany. Radkutsche is a German company specialized in the production of cargo bikes. Their cargo bikes have won various awards. Manufacturing cargo bikes is not a job for them but a passion. Something that reflect in the quality of their builds. Our rickshaws are an adaption of their Musketier cargo bike. The Musketier is a flat bed cargo tricycle. It can be adapted and used for may purposes. There are Musketier cargo bikes, rickshaws, catering bikes and even garbage collection bikes. It´s versatility and easy adaptability make it such a great cargo bike. Find out more about the Radkutsche Musketier on the Radkutsche website.

The rickshaws and passenger cabins are made from high end steel. They have a maximum payload of 300 kilograms. The cabin has a comfortable bench that can sit up to two adults. The cabin is equipped with seat belts for safety. We regularly service or rickshaws to assure top performance.

Erwin, the founder and owner of Pura Vida Rickshaw Tours, is from the Netherlands. The national color of the Netherlands is orange. That´s why he decided to choose this as the color of the rickshaw. The cabin reminded us of cars from the 1920´s which is why we redesigned our logo. The inspiration of the logo is hand painted logos on the doors of trucks in the United States. The uniform of our drivers is also inspired by the roaring 20´s.